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Post Feature Gallery Lightbox


  • bens0342 started the conversation

    A couple issues with the Feature Gallery Lightbox, please see attached video:

    1. When the user clicks the icon to bring up the Lightbox, two light boxes appear, one on top of the other. The top most Lightbox only shows one image, and when closed there is the second ligthbox where the user can cycle through the images in the gallery. It would be best if there were only one Lightbox displayed and that being the one the user can cycle the images.

    2. When I turn off "Enable Lightbox Feature" the gallery dimensions grow in height and drastically crop the images.

    If you could please provide a fix or troubleshooting for both situations that would be appreciated! 

    Attached files:  wundermag-lightbox-issues-480.mov

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    Lazar replied

    Hi Bens,

    Thanks so much for the video, I really appreciate it!

    The issue with the image size when the lightbox is turned off is now fixed and theme is updated on Themeforest.

    Regarding the two lightboxes, can you please check if you have any lightbox/gallery or some similar plugin installed because the style of the first lightbox is totally different then the lightbox that comes with the theme so I think you must have some additional lightbox plugin enabled in your WordPress.

    Also when you update the theme keep in mind to clear the browser cache and any cache plugin if you're using so that new theme files can be loaded on your server.

    Thanks again,