​Updating the theme

Updating your theme to the latest version is sometimes necessary in order to apply bug fixes to your theme or even add additional features that may be available.

Please read through the following instructions carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve modified any of the theme files yourself, you’ll need to note these changes prior to updating in order to re-implement them once you’ve installed the latest version of the theme. The update will replace your previous version’s theme files with new ones.

Any Custom CSS additions placed within your Additional CSS box should remain safe and sound.

Downloading the new theme version:

Simply log into your ThemeForest account you used to initially purchase the theme. Inside, navigate to your “Downloads” page and find the theme in the list. Re-download the theme you’d like to update.

Installing the new theme version:

  1. Navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. You’ll need to “Activate” another theme. It can be any theme at all aside from the theme you’re updating. *WordPress will not allow you to delete a theme that is currently activated.*
  2. Once you’ve activated another theme, click on the theme you’d like to update. In the bottom right corner is a little option to Delete the theme. Go ahead and delete it.
  3. Once the theme is deleted, you can now re-install the newest version of the theme. Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Select the theme’s ZIP file > Install Now
  4. Remember! It’s important to install the theme’s ZIP file, and not the entire theme package. Otherwise you will receive an error message.