Setting up Contact page

First, please be sure that you have installed and activated the Contact Form 7 plugin.

– Within your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Contact > Add New – We will want to replace the form HTML code with the following code instead in order to have the same looking form as on a demo site. You can simply delete the code within the text box and replace it with the following instead:

<div class="left">[text* your-name placeholder "Your Name"]</div>
<div class="right">[email* your-email placeholder "Email Address"]</div>
[text your-subject placeholder "Subject"]
[textarea your-message placeholder "Your Message"]
[submit "Send Message"]

– Along the top of the contact form’s settings box, there are 4 tabs: Form, Mail, Messages, and Additional Settings. Go to “Mail” tab: set up where messages to be sent and how to be displayed. On “Messages” tab: Adjust default messages visitors will receive in various situations.

IMPORTANT!  Please be sure to navigate to the “Mail” tab and insert your own email address within the “To:” form. 

Once finished setting up your form, click the “Save” button.

short code will be generated at the top of the page, highlighted in blue. Copy this code as we will then paste it into a WordPress page.

Navigate to Pages > All Pages > find Contact page and click edit, replace short code with the one from your new form.